Our products and services are dedicated to helping the professional memorialist in their efforts to assist families in selecting the perfect memorial. Our experienced staff currently and for many years has worked directly with families in the selection process. We work with products like Memories In Granite on a daily basis and we rely on our family’s feedback to guide our product development.

The Memories in Granite design tool is a comprehensive program to help assist families with the design process of their loved ones memorial. This web based program will allow you to select from hundreds of shapes, standard designs, stock graphics and fonts to create a personalized memorial. This process can be used to create custom Flat Grass Markers, Upright Memorials, Benches and Monubenches in a variety of shapes and colors. All granite memorial products found in the Memories in Granite catalogue are featured in this design tool.

The Process

Once a design is completed and submitted as an order, our award winning Art Department will transfer the details and return an official Proof Drawing. In most cases this will be identical to what was submitted from the design tool, however if a font or graphic is too small or out of place, minor corrections may be made. Furthermore, our artists may even provide an alternative suggestion if appropriate. This Proof Drawing will provide families with one last chance to catch any mistakes or make revisions to the design. Once the Proof Drawing has been signed by the family, it goes in to production and will be permanently carved in stone.

Thank you for using the Memories in Granite program. Please contact your Customer Service Representative at 800.824.0669 if you have questions or need assistance.